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Long Wave

Long Wave explores the desperate attempt of three performers to try to keep the audience smiling by laughing and clowning through gritted teeth to routines piped in by a radio. As the piece develops their desperate attempt to ward off memories and traumas collapses and their past overwhelms them. The comic start gives way to a moving and shattering climax and the characters move from pristine well scrubbed entertainers to blood soaked, dust covered figures.


Devised by the Company
Performed by Paula Burton, Dominic Fitch and Laura Inskip
Directed by Nic Fryer
Publicity by Tom Addis

performance history

NSDF, Scarborough: 25-26 March 2002
The Door, Birmingham Rep: 18-21 September 2002
Leeds Metropolitan University Studio Theatre: 3 October 2002
Bath University: 5 October 2002
BAC, London: 20 October 2002
Cambridge Junction: 19 November 2009

"The company have confronted the magnitude of such public disasters while at the same time illuminating our private, individual responses. Milk, talcum powder and frozen blood that melts from the flies become the props for a tragic clowning that voices our inarticulacy in the face of horror through manic laughter. A triumph of the imagination."
Robert Hewison, Sunday Times

"Small Change are an exciting young company with big potential. Watch this space!"
Vicki Middleton, founder member of Frantic Assembly

"A rich and beautifully sustained metaphor about memory and loss[…] Long Wave has a Kantoresque ambiguity about it that is capable of reducing you to tears without you knowing why."
John Wright, Director of Told by an Idiot

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Red Velvet

In turns moving and hilarious, Red Velvet is a meditation on our need for security and to be tucked up tight when things are most difficult, combining Small Change’s characteristics of comedy, intimate performance and rich visual imagery.

After the dust sheets are removed we are taken back into childhood, back into a world of no pain, a world where jokes are harmless and the dead can be resurrected by a bowl of water. Two children - or are they adults who haven’t grown up? – perform a show for their dead parents. They attempt to lock themselves safely away in a fantasy world of the past, a world of red velvet and faded old clothes. But it’s also a world where you have to see what you thought you’d left behind and remember what you hoped you’d forgotten…


Performed by Dominic Fitch and Laura Inskip
Directed by Nic Fryer
Devised by the Company
Lighting Design: Ric Mountjoy
Publicity: Tom Addis
Publicity Photography: Kate Parrott Script Advisor/Associate Writer: Steve Lally

performance history

Bowen West Theatre, Bedford: 26 September 2003
Nuffield Theatre, Lancaster: 23 October 2003
University of Hull Scarborough Campus: 5 November 2003
Barbican Theatre, Plymouth: 21 November 2003
Cambridge Drama Centre: 4 December 2003
The Maltings, St Albans: 23 January 2004
Library Theatre, Luton: 6 February 2004
Leeds Metropolitan University Studio Theatre: 5 May 2004
New Wolsey Studio, Ipswich: 27 May 2004
Cramphorn Theatre, Chelmsford: 9 June 2004

"…a hilarious and moving production."
Essex Chronicle

"…an award winning company producing and touring challenging, highly contemporary theatre."
Andrew Burkishmer, Eastlife

"Fantastic. Moving, funny, brilliantly observed. Well done!"
James Grieve, Artistic Director, Nabokov Theatre Company

"An exquisitely painful view of grief and loss. Its images will stay with me for some time."
Alan Lane, Artistic Director, Slung Low

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Making the Difference

Lost direction? Need to make sense of the new world order? Sign up to Brigadier John Wahon’s solution: the experience to end all others. A mixture of army recruitment lecture, personal development seminar and a weird kind of party. With balloons.

John’s a trainer, and it’s his last ever training session so he’s made a real effort. He’s prepared special, never seen before treats for his audience. For John, this training is a party. Making the Difference takes the audience on a journey from laughter to an exploration of our responsibility towards the mistreatment of others. It’s delivered by a man with the answers to today’s disturbed world at his fingertips.


Performed by Dominic Fitch
Directed by Nic Fryer
Publicity by Tom Addis
Photography by Kate Parrott

performance history

Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh Fringe: 3-29 August 2005
Fresh Festival, South Hill Park, Bracknell: 28 January 2006
Theatre in the Mill, Bradford: 3 March 2006
Norwich Arts Centre: 6 March 2006
Colchester Arts Centre: 8 March 2006
Bowen West Theatre Bedford: 11 March 2006
Hat Factory Luton: 27 May 2006
Artsdepot, Finchley: 10 June 2006
The Hospital, Covent Garden: 12 June 2006
New Wolsey Studio, Ipswich: 16 June 2006
The Maltings Arts Theatre, St Albans: 7 July 2006
Latitude Festival, Suffolk: 15/16 July 2006 Cambridge Junction: 19 November 2009

"A sly, intelligent satire on the brutal machinery of the state."
The Scotsman

"A wonderfully ambiguous piece of theatre that juxtaposes surreal humour with a sobering message."
Edinburgh Evening News

"An unusual, provocative piece that unsettles and entertains at the same time."
The Stage

"Expert comic timing… inspired moments of deranged comedy."

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Quicksleeve's Pledge

It's that time of year again... Ziggy Quicksleeve and his friends are travelling the country with their mobile radio show, and this time they're doing it for charity. The only trouble is they don't know if they've got any listeners, if they believe in the cause they're promoting or if any of the requests they receive are real.

Is anyone out there listening? Can the listeners be cheered up? What is anyone willing to pledge?

Quicksleeve’s Pledge is a hilarious and thought provoking reflection on our desire to change the world and our anxiety to remain cool. At any cost.


Performed by Dominic Fitch and Anna Wilson
Directed by Nic Fryer

performance history

7 July 2007- Camden People's Theatre
12-15 July 2007 - Latitude Festival

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The Girl With The Teardrop Eye

Small Change appeared at Nabokov’s renowned present:tense events. Some of the UK's most exciting talent convenes to select the most momentous story on the news agenda. They each have one week to create a piece of work that responds to the topic they choose. As the news changes, they will be forced to adapt their work, until it is performed live in the West End on Sunday - exactly seven days after they began.

Stop Press: The artists convened on Sunday 27 May to scour the papers. They decided the search for Madeleine McCann was the most significant story on the news agenda. Each artist now has one week to formulate a response to that story in their own medium.

Our piece was The Girl with the Teardrop Eye. Part verbatim, part new writing, this was a poignant meditation on this harrowing event.


Performed by Dominic Fitch
Directed by Nic Fryer

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An interactive backstage journey through a Victorian world of magicians, lost souls and tea leaves reflecting on the nature of reality.

Can we trust our eyes? Can we trust our guide? Who is watching who?

A site-specific promenade performance performed at Cambridge Junction in July 2009, Tasseomancy was performed as part of the Hotbed Festival and featured other artists including the singer-songwriter Essie Jain and the burlesque group the Knickerbocker Glories.


Performed by Dominic Fitch and Kristy McLeod
Written by Dominic Fitch and Nic Fryer
Designed by Zoe Price
Music written and performed by Essie Jain
Directed by Dominic Fitch

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