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During the development process of our work, one thing we like to do is to focus on setting each other small tasks. Tiny objectives to be carried out, documented and brought into the rehearsal room. These are often banal, frequently inspiring and often incredibly beautiful things that we have captured. Snippets of conversations, a headline in a newspaper, a song we have heard, a film clip, a photograph.

We thought it would be fun to share this process with you. In doing so we want to create a piece of online performance. In turn our hope is that you will eventually share your thoughts and creative responses with us.

task one wheatley towers

We have taken a photograph of a number of different doorways. Imagine if these doorways are all part of the same building. We will call this building Wheatley Towers.

Our task:

We want to think about who lives behind these doors. Once we have occupied Wheatley Towers we will send out the next installment of this task!