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An interactive backstage journey through a Victorian world of magicians, lost souls and tea leaves reflecting on the nature of reality.

A site-specific promenade performance performed at Cambridge Junction in July 2009, Tasseomancy was performed as part of the Hotbed Festival and featured other artists including the singer-songwriter Essie Jain and the burlesque group the Knickerbocker Glories.

We will be showing a section of Tasseomancy as part of the Scratch interact season.


Monday April 12th, 6.45pm at the Soho Theatre, London


Performed by Dominic Fitch, Emily Hopkins, Lyanne Mansfield and Kristy MacLeod

Written by Dominic Fitch and Nic Fryer

Designed by Zoe Price

Music written and performed by Essie Jain

Directed by Dominic Fitch